: D This gun feels soooo much better! Glock 29 Review by customer (Grip Reduction 360 degree Light Textured and Double Trigger Guard Undercut), Glock 48 frame with Grip 360 degree Medium Textured and High Grip Under Trigger Guard. The only payback would be longterm use. This modification reduces the overall length of the Glock grip. Example is chop from a G17/22 down to a G19/23 dimension. I had a G23 with a Robar grip reduction and the heavy grip texture. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Do it yourself glock grip reductions getting Robar type grip finish? Will not shorten the grip. I owned a Glock M20; off it went to ARS for a (relativelyinexpensive stunninglyquickturnaround) grip reduction. In this same line of thinking, you can even Parkerize your gun. And this can easily overwhelm you. Springfield XDm( FrameTextured + Installed Magazine Magweel ) No paint. I've was bored as shit tried … Many shooters don’t like the hump in the Glock’s grip, and I am one of them. My experience is limited to the QR2 rifle. It provides the shooter, especially those with smaller hands, a huge increase in comfort and ability to reach and manipulate the controls of the gun. So, one of the first things new gun owners do is modify their grip to fit their preferences. ROBAR Guns | ROBAR® is a True Custom firearms shop: Our precision rifles, gunsmithing and firearm finishes are widely regarded as among the best in the world. I left the barrel polished stainless. In that milli-second, accuracy matters. We had a really difficult time choosing between the massive number of slides out there on the market. Zev Technologies© has the answer to the grip discomfort, a simple grip job that will adjust the feel of the frame to make a more comfortable fit to the owner's hand. I was considering Robar as a coworker’s Robar Glock feels the same after 3 years of hard use. You can pimp up your Glock to your heart’s content. The bottom of the magwell is beveled to allow ease of magazine feeding. "Ugly" does not compute. I have also had the chance to shoot and handle a couple of other grip reduction guns - Glock 19s (done by Robar and Bowie Tactical), Glock 21 (done by Robar). What really matters is that now you know what reliable and invaluable tools you can add and change in order to enhance your Glock’s performance and quality. For instance, one of the more famous accessories is the 3.5-lb ghost trigger set which gives a much lighter and more continuous pull. Accuracy Ballistics Fundamentals of Marksmanship Gear Reviews Long Range Shooting Marksmanship training Precision RIfles Riflescope Sniper Rifles. I also had them texture the beaver tails. Semper Vinco! But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. In fact, you can customize pretty much every part of your Glock to make it unique with little to no effort.Here are a few handy ideas if you want a quick and affordable ‘bling’ for your Glock: The list goes on! These are a beauty that few are able to resist! They’re one of the most popular and in-demand guns on the planet. Ratings are based on our subjective opinions from evaluating hundreds verified customer reviews. Some aftermarket barrels have a huge reputation to match. Thanks Nick The iron sights on Glocks are decent. And, to be completely frank, customizing your Glock is utterly fun for responsible gun owners. Robar Glock grip reduction. 5,660 Posts . So, you’re not only personalizing your Glock, you’re making it more weather resistant. But why stick with decent? Robar grip work, 10-8 sights and mag base pad, slide work done by Mars Armament. Buy Glock 19 Grip Reduction Robar And Ak 47 Aquamarine Revenge Name Tag Glock 19 Grip Reduction Robar And Ak 47 Aquamarine Revenge Name Tag Reviews : Get best G E-mail me for his name and phone #. Indeed, Glock grips are great, but they have a few design elements that we don’t absolutely love. The slide is machined for the Trijicon RMR with suppressor height BUIS. Glock grip reduction. Option 2: Texturing can be done around the entire grip surface, same as 360 texturingPlease specify which option you would like when you send your pistol. But they won’t cut it if you want to shoot long-range regularly or do some advanced competition/target practice. Semper Vinco! Not only it gives your gun a more matte look instead of a shiny coat, Parkerzing your Glock protects it against corrosion and rust. I have a Robar'ed 30... very cool. Yes! We are just shooting out a few warnings here. And here we’re big fans of custom Glock pistol coat jobs. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Some Glock-fanatics adore the out-of-the-box grip, while others are less-than-enthused with its overall quality. OTHER SECTIONS. I like that one also. If I were to ever (NOT!) BATTLE READY ARMS: CUSTOM GLOCK STIPPLING & MORE. Glock Custom ROBAR Grip Reduction The Grip has been reduce in diameter, night sights, 3 Hi cap magazines, As New with orginal box, for sale by Legendary Guns on GunsAmerica - 976973191 Email this Page. When it comes to customized coloring, bluing provides far more than a shiny blue-tinted appearance; it uses a black oxide coating to protect your gun against corrosion and rust. Identifying an aftermarket sight is super easy, and some of the companies that provide this reliability are like TRUGLO and Trijicon. There is no doubt Glocks perform, but these modifications really made the gun stand out. Support the Justin Opinion Channel: https://www.patreon.com/join/JustinOpinion? There are fabric mag packs, custom Glock pistol mag plates, and ever-so-useful mag holders. Well, you’re just in luck, my friend because in this post we’ll go over the basics of customizing Glocks. You can get those finger humps removed with a grip reduction — which is probably the single most common aftermarket Glock modification.A Glock grip reduction modification can significantly diminish the grip’s general depth on Glock devices. It took them longer than they said it would, but the guy did a pretty good job and the price was only $100. The grip reduction and shipping will run close to $200. If you choose the wrong one, you may end up lowering your performance. Posted: 2/22/2012 2:54:31 PM EST [Last Edit: 2/22/2012 3:29:30 PM EST by Danj] Who has done them? ). GLOCK GRIP REDUCTION GLOCK TRIGGER JOB LINKS. Quality of work qc control, quality of coatings, unique texture jobs, high level of precision. Springfield XD40 ( Grip textured medium & High Grip Under Trigger Guard), S&W MP SHEILD ( Grip textured & textured magazine’s base pad + mag extension), Glock 43, 43x ,19 ( Grip textured, high grip under trigger guard + textured frame flats G19 ). www.arizonaresponsesystems.com Robar Starts at $150 for back ONLY. Also, my Ruger P95 was $360 out the door, so I'm not enthusiastic about sinking a ton of money into it. It’s an absolute gem of a weapon.It’s the handgun that started it all. I have a Glock 29 with a Robar grip reduction, and I have found that it greatly improves my accuracy and draw-and-fire times -- probably because my "normal" grip is stuck in a 1911 shape. But we prefer online personalization shops like: As opposed to bluing, here’s the great thing about coats: you can get your Glock in any color you want. All the internals and the slide were coated in NP3plus. Who are we to judge? These bump-outs are supposed to help the gun slant upwards––for whatever reason––when you’re gripping it. This makes a better slide, and carbon steel means no danger of galling on stainless steel frames. I owned a Glock M20; off it went to ARS for a (relativelyinexpensive stunninglyquickturnaround) grip reduction. "Ugly" does not compute. However we often notice Glock triggers get squishy after a while, so we highly recommend at least having a backup plan. Stippling adds rough dots and ridges to your grip that makes it easier to hold onto. Anyone had Robar do one.? Yet again, we’ve noticed that there are KKM barrels that don’t support well 9mm barrels. The aftermarket slide industry is flourishing nowadays and when we first set out to test out Glock slides, we were quickly met with a pretty big problem: there are so darn many of them.

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