For spicy version,u can use big onions instead of small onions. 3) In order to make it a complete healthy breakfast/ snack for kids or adults, use brown sugar or jaggery powder instead of white sugar. #Ragi is the common name for #Fingermillet. Sep 30, 2013 - how to make sweet ragi puttu, an easy breakfast dish with crumbled finger millet Buy Ragi Puttu Mix Online at best price with free shipping all over India and also checkout other traditional sweets and snacks at Lastly add grated coconut ,mix well and serve hot ! It is famous in both Tamil Nadu and Kerala. U can use moong dal instead of chana dal.Keep in mind,dal should not be over cooked.It should just blossom. Jul 20, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Revathi. It tastes as much delicious without it too. And even though i ve used clarified butter for my version, you can skip it and make it zero oil or zero ghee. 2) Use only fresh coconut for making puttu and dried/desiccated coconut may not give a better taste. 9 Ragi, Is very good for the health. #Ragi_recipes #Millet_recipes #Puttu #Festival_sweets_Savouries Follow for more interesting recipes and information Finger Millet sweet puttu, How to make ragi puttu, Kelvaragu puttu, Kerala ragi puttu, Ragi puttu, Ragi sweet puttu, Steamed sweet puttu. Sweet Ragi Puttu, a steamed, healthy, vegan and gluten-free puttu recipe made from finger millet and palm jaggery. You can use puttu flour also for this same recipe. The texture of the flour should be in such a way that, if you hold the flour it should hold it’s shape for a few seconds. Ragi puttu recipe video Method 1: Measure and add ragi flour to a pan, dry roast for 3 mins until its slightly becomes coarse and sandy in texture.Add salt to it. But the traditional method of making sweet ragi puttu includes jaggery. This finger Millet sweet puttu is very simple to prepare and takes hardly 15 minutes. This sweet ragi puttu can be called that- hearty, scrumptious and healthy. For variations,add sugar in place of jaggery syrup.It would be easier but addition of jaggery is healthier than sugar. Ragi Puttu is a healthy and at the same time a delicious breakfast recipe. First of all, finger millet has a very high protein content, which is good quality protein the human body can absorb. Filed Under: Breakfast, Kids breakfast, Millet recipes, Recipe Index, Sweets. Check out this Ragi roti recipe.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sangskitchen_com-box-4','ezslot_9',105,'0','0'])); Finally, as a precautionary measure, I would like to mention, an over usage of this finger millet/ragi may provide extreme coolness and mild indigestion to the body. Remove the flour and divide into two batches.Use one cup of flour for sweet puttu and the remaining one for spicy puttu. Spread the moisture flour in wet cotton clothes and cover the cloth like this. Indian Grocery list - South Indian Monthly Grocery Shopping List, Post Comments Ragi is very good for health. Steam it for 20 minutes.after steaming carefully take the cloth out ,untie and transfer the steamed ragi puttu to a bowl and add brown sugar,coconut and cardamom powder. Ragi would taste extra ordinary when made as puttu and it is a healthy option as we are steaming. Tips: 1) As plain ragi flour gives the desired results, I never use puttu flour for this sweet puttu recipe. It can be serevd as a healthy evening snack. Gradually sprinkle water and start mixing with flour. Atom Feb 21, 2015 - Ragi puttu recipe - sweet and spicy version - Healthy finger millet breakfast recipe ! Cover the cooked ragi puttu always, otherwise it easily get hard and dry when exposed to air. Serve the ragi puttu along with jaggery and banana. 12:15 pm We discover traditional sweets and snacks, where you can shop tirunelveli halwa online. We can serve it in two versions as spicy puttu with kadala curry or sweet puttu with banana and coconut milk. I have already shared the recipe for #Puttu. Just make the flour moisture. In a bowl take ragi flour, add some salt. Working moms can prepare the puttu flour in … Hence use moderately but regularly in your diet.

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