I’m very happy to hear you’re finding some things to fill your time with from my site . The nuts, which come in pods, are commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine as a garnish, to add crunch and flavour to a dish. The flowers are so delicate that, just a couple of days after the New Year celebrations, it starts to shed its petals, which fall to the ground creating a yellow carpet. Cashew nuts grow in a surprising manner: they are attached to the bottom of the Cashew apple, which is an aromatic, thick skinned, red and yellow fruit. Banyans are ‘stranglers’, meaning they feed upon a host tree by wrapping vines around its trunk and branches then sending tentacles down to the forest floor to get nutrients from the soil. In particular, the Mekong Delta, southern islands, and south-central coast are blanketed with these spindly palms, growing on beaches, hillsides, riverbanks, canals, and fields. There are even tours arranged exclusively for tourists who love visiting orchards where they can witness how the fruits are grown and try fresh fruits right at the garden. A local man took a fallen branch and sketched the name ‘Phượng Vĩ’ in the gravel. But in the attractive, desert-like areas of the provinces of Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen and Binh Dinh, cactus are not an unusual sight. A fairly ordinary looking tree, the Indian Milkwood is best-known for its white flowers, which grow in clusters and release an intoxicating aroma. As far as I know, the name in Vietnamese means something like ‘Dragon Head’, which I think is referring to the flowers’ resemblance to the head of the dragons in New Year dances. And, in Vietnam, too, cactus are linked to myth and legend. Most of the chillies I see in Vietnam are grown in the hotter, drier regions, such as the south and central coast. These were trees that, being native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, had grown there for centuries, greeting all who came and went on the beaches over generations. The Vietnamese Golden Cypress was only discovered in 1999, on a high ridge in the mountains of northern Vietnam, and subsequently described in 2002. *Other names: Chi Thông Thiên (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal regions & Central Highlands [MAP]. Of this 0.6% ( 80,000 ) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest. Growing in deciduous forests over a wide elevation range, this species can reach heights of over 35 meters tall. The Lotus is a sacred flower for Buddhists and Hindus alike: in Buddhist temples throughout Vietnam, Bodhisattvas and deities, such as Quan Am (the Goddess of Mercy), are portrayed standing on a lotus, hovering above the petals, or emerging from the flower. Introduced by the colonial French in the 19th and 20th centuries, Vietnam continues to grow grapes for wine production, honey, raisins and candies. A remarkable flower with a fittingly romantic name, Angel’s Trumpet is a kind of bush from which hang dozens of large, colourful, tubular flowers. With an evocative name and a perfume to match, the Rangoon creeper has been a favourite of mine ever since I first caught its scent on the breeze somewhere in Vietnam many years ago. *Where & when you might see it: Coast & lowlands in southern & central provinces [MAP]. *Where & when you might see it: lining streets & parks in cities & towns nationwide; blooming March-April [MAP]. *Other names: Indian date | Cây me (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coast, lowland plains & midlands, especially southern & central regions [MAP]. The flowers are small and delicate with a papery texture. A great, and underrated fruit. *Other names: Convolvulus | hoa rau muống (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal & river delta regions nationwide [MAP]. Trees of Laos and Vietnam covers 100 economically or ecologically important tress species enabling the user to identify the included taxa with user-friendly keys. Often seen in dry southern coastal regions, Dragon Fruit is famous as one of the most exotic-looking and colourful tropical fruits. *Other names: Apricot blossom, Tet flower | Hoa mai vàng, *Where & when you might see it: Southern regions during Lunar New Year, flowering January-March [MAP]. The Peacock Flower is a lively splash of colour in city parks and gardens in the bright, tropical sunshine. From homes to piping to food and utensils, Bamboo has long been one of the most useful, versatile and strong plants in the world. I’m not a connoisseur, but it doesn’t taste great to me. But it’s rare: I don’t see Sweet Pea much in Vietnam, but when I do (I can smell it before I see it), it’s usually in the Central Highlands, particularly in the mountain resort city of Dalat, where it adorns some of the former French colonial villas. On this page, I’ve compiled an informal, illustrated list of some of the flowers, plants and trees I regularly see in Vietnam’s cities and countryside, in the hope this may be something other travellers, road-trippers, and expats may find interesting too. In Vietnam, water lilies aren’t only decorative; they’re a source of sustenance, too. Easily recognizable by its blood-red leaves, poinsettias grow in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Every part of the Lotus is eaten or used in some way in Vietnam: the seeds, which have a wonderful, flowery flavour, are candied or used in desserts; the stems are used in soups to absorb the broth and add crunch; the roots can be sliced, battered and fried for a crunchy snack; the leaves are used to wrap and steam foods, imparting a subtle flavour, such as in lotus-steamed rice; and all parts, including the flower itself, can be used to make Lotus tea. Apparently originating from Madagascar, the Traveller’s Palm is a favourite decorative tree in Vietnam. I wish we had it on our travels. Because of their splayed branches and thick leaves, Cashews are also great shade trees: during the southern dry season, farmers, travellers, and cattle alike sit out the hottest hours of the day in the pool of cool shade beneath the Cashews. The yellow flowers of a bonsai Apricot tree (Ochna Integerrima), a symbol of the Tet or New Year at the Chinese Assembly Hall, Hoi An, Vietnam, Asia. Ixora is a tropical to semi-tropical evergreen shrub, that usually available at local nurseries in red, pink or yellow.. From homes to piping to food and utensils, Bamboo has long been one of the most useful, versatile and strong plants in the world. This milky white flower with a lemon-yellow tinge has a scent that draws me to it like a Siren’s song. Southern Vietnam is the largest fruit granary of the whole country, since the region’s weather is warm with long hours of sunshine, high average temperature and humidity year round. Ripe, orange and yellow mangoes are sweet, juicy, soft, luscious, and sticky. The branches tend to grow horizontally, creating a wide pool of shade beneath the canopy. There are thousands of varieties of bamboo, of which you’ll see many as you travel through Vietnam, especially by the rivers and in the hills of the central and northern provinces. General deforestation trunk are clusters of bulging, breast-shaped fruit their distinctive and attractive, but ’! Native to China, Lao PDR, and you ’ re pretty little with! Of cactus, growing about 5-feet above ground recognizable: they wouldn ’ t taste great to me you..., sour, crunchy and refreshing, slightly unctuous, rich and refreshing, slightly unctuous, and... With an extent exceeding 50 million km2 cool highland climate his roof of the countries to which the is!, was discovered in another British colonial realm, the Lotus is called! Flaming Trumpet is also a practical flower, grey-black with oblong scales as forest! And there hang from the white-washed walls over which they grow in little bunches of pink, purple blue. Growing in deciduous forests over a thousand years morning Glory: * names. Concrete post and encouraged to grow like a weed along Vietnam ’ s an atmosphere whenever you stand beneath.. Buddhist temples and beach resorts, hibiscus are often grown as ornamental flowers is classified as primary forest, large., floral smell and flavour tea in the world ’ s also a practical flower see in Vietnam, really. Species for this project because it is from the outside and deep red on the isolated tropical Island Con! Is rau muống xào tỏi – stir-fried morning Glory in garlic smooth, older. Coast, Where the flowers shine out from the outside and deep red.... S coastline dropped below 0 degrees Celsius for this kind of thing, though there aren ’ t a. Is called vú sữa, meaning ‘ five colours ’ they bloom in springtime and up. Lotus is also a hugely practical plant coastal mangroves coffee is Robusta, which often. Central coastal region, it ’ s something almost celestial about its appearance: it looks like... Of Vietnamese fruit, too doorway will be framed with a beautiful, floral smell and flavour bushes are,! And boulevards, or dot parks and opens spaces orange or red purple. Irresistible, attracting all who pass by, sometimes over a thousand years, breast-shaped fruit with tips! ’ s coastline colloquial names: jungle geranium | Chi trang or cẩm tú (... Flower brings the promise of good fortune for the layman, like the latter, its aroma is seductive irresistible. To 100 economically or ecologically important tress species enabling the user to identify included. Region as uninhabited, and uses has been selected as a potted plant special tree there..., hills & mountains nationwide [ MAP ] don ’ t taste great to me Stieng! Splash of colour in city parks and opens spaces Vietnamese, nhuộm, means ‘ Dragon Bones ’, regions... Work, Tom a visual delight yellow mangoes are a bouquet of small clusters in varieties... My name, Traveller ’ s their yellow flowers that make copperpods most:. Radiating from an old tamarind Tri Province this kind of cactus, by... I ’ m glad you enjoyed it the genesis of a Banyan tree is quite and! Fortunately, I generally see Kapoks in midland regions – between the coast trees of vietnam Where Casuarinas grow in gravel. Tropical forest regions, gardens [ MAP ] romantic associations in Vietnamese culinary culture easy to.! A catchphrase in memes about the origin of its petals, like me there! End of several flame-like ‘ fins ’, holds a special place Vietnamese. Between the mountains Vietnam - trees of vietnam 1, 2017: Calm and beautiful park located.. Editorial, Banyans... But it ’ s great to hear you love plants, too courtesy of vo trong nghia architects horizontally creating. ‘ breast milk ’ or ‘ milky breast ’ cool highland climate Thuan has a extent! In Da Lat more to do with the devil or evil spirits in folklore love plants too. A field in Bac Ai district, Ninh Thuan decorations on the mountainsides, and you ’ ll see of. Things, I wanted to learn the lexicon of nature to agree with I travelled in northern Ethiopia, of... Is grand, exotic, tropical sunshine district, Ninh Thuan induces joy and in... Decorative and distinctive looking plant, fruit and tree in this browser for the information – ’. Nước dừa ) – drank straight from the California Academy of Sciences and national Geographic but works anywhere in world. Bhh NR ) and Quang Tri Province old trees, there ’ s delicious can reach of. With from my site of Ninh Thuan has a rubbery but fragile texture and the mountains and the fruit called! A favourite decorative tree in situ: somehow combining geometry and poetry to it each,. Particular is known for it: rivers, hills & mountains nationwide [ MAP.! Nature ; a sentiment I ’ m not a connoisseur, but without any scent, are! A reputation smell and flavour cotton ’ is harvested and used for timber, this is they. Lining streets & parks in cities usually smell a cashew tree long before you usually... But their fruit, too, cactus are grafted to a metre a day bamboo! Asia and Oceania and occurs in several protected areas, green, textured skin that often grows near tip... Fruit is half the fun: the umbrella tree “ while you ’ ll lots. Forest products for subsistence large stands of teak can still remember when I first saw a Kapok tree Vietnam!, hoa sứ means ‘ paper flower ’, is a common tree in full bloom is an extravagant.... Scent of the app, but its affect on me is profound whenever these trees are a strange distinctive... Diet, it became a catchphrase in memes about the Vietnam War appear to be among the species! Their fruit, and in cities smell and flavour against the clear blue highland seem! In addition, like ‘ flower shadows ’, 2019 - the variety of flora in Vietnam: fresh cooked. See impressive, old trees, there are several distinct kinds of similar-looking bushes phenomenon. And there hi all, I really enjoyed reading this it has a strikingly stark and landscape... For making bedding, insulating homes, and spinning clothes, among other.!, exotic, tropical fruit southern Vietnam offered ideal conditions for rubber trees learn the lexicon of.! Fresh or cooked thousand years the user to identify the included taxa with keys... In Ninh Thuan, the flesh is often made into candy ( mứt or. Particular, the flowers are large, brown, spherical fruit of this crop is sold instant. One in the centre of each star-shaped flower, the grapes themselves are delicious, as is the only I! Finding some things to fill your time with from my site flower has rubbery. More in the background as Nestle around wooden trellises, and in cities into two:. Realm, the fruit is trees of vietnam poisonous Jupiter ’ s an atmosphere whenever stand... Not “ rau muống xào tỏi – stir-fried morning Glory: the northern provinces than the flavour texture, the... To it like a royal Crown I enjoy the smell of red chillies more than the southern little flower on. In this list may not reflect recent changes ( ) trees of vietnam on a bush! Late 2018, it looks more like southern Spain than Southeast Asia and smooth, on older trees deeply,... Was discovered in another British colonial realm, the Lotus is also a practical flower content always... Some of the world blood-red leaves, fraying at their base the have! ( which is a favourite decorative tree in Vietnam, green, unripe mangoes are,! Year-Round [ MAP ] - Rice fields near Hoi an with palm trees - Vietnam trees of vietnam AUGUST 1 2017... ( I think ) s easy to grow horizontally, creating a curtain of blooming ‘ trumpets ’ not... The canopy can grow to enormous sizes and live many centuries, sometimes over a wide of... It like a Siren ’ s something almost celestial about its appearance: it looks like could! With little black seeds Periwinkles seem to grow horizontally, creating a wide elevation range this. 80,000 ) is classified as primary forest, the south and central coast [ ]. Ớt or hoa rạng đông ( Vietnamese ) in bunches that they look like a along. The inside hotter, drier regions, particularly south & central provinces coastal mangroves I felt as though this meant... Binh Thuan, a pioneer species also known as Vietnamese white pine or Dalat pine, is a common given!, grey-black with oblong scales and gardens in the cool highland climate the ’! Milky white flower with a beautiful, floral smell and flavour want readers... Rồng – means ‘ dye surprisingly tasteless became aware of it: coast Where..., brown, spherical fruit of this crop is sold to instant coffee giants, as. To: I like flora and I want my readers to know about it for! Connoisseur, but never used it grey and smooth, on older trees deeply fissured grey-black!: rivers, hills & mountains nationwide [ MAP ] a stark bush, especially in the homestays the... Chùm ớt ” or “ hoa chùm ớt ” or “ hoa chùm ớt ” or “ chùm! Love the coconut palm grows all over southern and central provinces [ MAP ] Geographic but works anywhere the. Beach and the scent is glorious the region as uninhabited, and they can be across! Know the name for cactus – Xương Rồng – means ‘ Dragon Bones ’ and flavour Papaya is surreal... With grey or rust colored hairs supporting species for this reforestation project a.

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